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SDWP won the bid Construction Project of Gong Hai Hydropower Station Myanmar Package-EPC


Recently, the Shandong water conservancy construction group international company received the bid notice, and successfully won the Construction Project of Gong Hai Hydropower Station Myanmar Package-EPC. The project is a key project for Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co., Ltd. to take root in the Myanmar market. It is also a key step in implementing the international marketing strategy and deepening the Southeast Asian market.

The Gong Hai hydropower project in Myanmar is located on the Pang River in the tributary of Nu River. It is planned to develop cascade development in the central part of the river. The total installed capacity of the project is 25MW.
The project is not only an important sign for the Shandong Water Construction Group to actively respond to the national "one along the road" initiative, and to implement the strategic plan of the "13th Five-Year" of the Shandong Water Construction Group. It is also an important step for Shandong Water Construction Group to expand its international market and fully prove its competitiveness in the international market.



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