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Shuifa Construction group participate the fourth "The Shuifa Energy Cup" table tennis competition


From 22 to 23 September, the fourth "The Shuifa Energy Cup" table tennis competition was successfully held in Jinan, with the total of 18 teams from the headquarters of the Shuifa Group and each of the first-class ownership companies. Zhang Bo, deputy general manager of Shuifa construction group, get the secondplace in the leading group.

The Shuifa construction group attaches great importance to the construction of the enterprise culture, and pays great attention to the role of the bridge bond of the group organization. In addition to that work, the staff actively participate in the cultural activities of various enterprises. The competition team has overcome the heavy difficulties in the production and management, and made use of his spare time to practice, and the level of the team is obviously improved compared with the previous years. In the event, the teams of the teams have fought bravely, have the courage to fight, have made the style and the level, create a positive enterprise working environment, and show the good spirit of the Shuifa’s people.


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