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Drinking water project officially come into service in Gushi County


On the morning of May 27th , water supply ceremony of Gushi County drinking water project was held in Gushi Water Treatment Plant of Water development Co., LTD. This project is about the water diversion work from Nianyu Mountain Resevoir to Gushi city. Relevant organizations and companies attended the ceremony.
At 11:18, the project was officially launched, which fulfilled the dream of several generations of Gushi people to have high-quality drinking water. The quality of water purified by the newly-built plant was tested by a third-party testing unit, and all the test data were in line with the sanitary standard of domestic drinking water.
After the ceremony, Jia Baoli, chairman of Shandong Water Conservancy Construction Group Co.,Ltd (SDWP), listened to project report by the project manager. He expressed the satisfaction for all the efforts put into by all the members and encouraged them to make persistent efforts and adhere to the ideological attitude of "devotion, concentration, perseverance" to ensure the successful completion of the next task. After the meeting, He visited the water intake work and the pump station work.


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