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Science and technology innovation adds power, improves quality and efficiency, seeks development


On June 19th, Shuifa Construction Group held a "scientific and technological innovation technology research and development seminar". The seminar was attended by Li Shengwen, Han Junli, technical experts of Shuifa group, Chen Qian, consultant expert, Jia Baoli, chairman of Shuifa construction group, members of the team, personnel of relevant business departments and subsidiaries (branches).
Jia Baoli first addressed the meeting and put forward three requirements for scientific and technological innovation. First, we should fully understand the significance of scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation is the need to create the first degree of enterprise industry, to enhance the comprehensive strength of the company, to promote the special qualification, to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, to obtain policy support to improve the company's profit level; second, we should pay attention to the implementation of scientific and technological innovation. We should focus on the implementation of organizational security, institutional security, policy learning and other aspects; third, we should do a good job in the annual assessment of scientific and technological innovation. Scientific and technological innovation should be included in the company's overall assessment and project assessment, and the reward for scientific and technological innovation achievements should be increased, so as to create a good atmosphere for all staff innovation, so that scientific and technological innovation can become the driving force for the development of the company.
The seminar mainly focused on the collection of scientific research expenses, the addition and deduction of R & D expenses, and the establishment of high-tech enterprises. The participants held a warm discussion on the problems of scientific and technological innovation. The leaders of the technology management center of Shuifa group and other experts gave detailed guidance. Li Shengwen pointed out that science and technology management is the basis of enterprise management, which is related to all aspects of enterprise development. Advanced or leading technology can help enterprises to be in the forefront in terms of profitability, production scale, market occupation, and promote the problems in quality, qualification and platform. Enterprises should strive to create a strong atmosphere of invigorating enterprises through science and technology and technological innovation As long as we insist on starting from the project and finding the breakthrough point, the enterprise's scientific research work will certainly make great progress.
Through this meeting, the staff's understanding of scientific and technological innovation and technological research and development was further improved, which was helpful for the group to carry out scientific and technological innovation and research activities, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise.???


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