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Visit of Representatives of Morocco Atlas Huanian Shengde Mining Co., Ltd.


On June 16th, Ms. Hua Lei, chairman of the board of directors and Mr. Hu Ping, general manager of Morocco atlas Huanian Shengde Mining Co., Ltd. visited Shuifa Construction Oversea Co., Ltd., accompanied by the main responsible person of the international company and attended the symposium.
First of all, the delegation visited the exhibition hall of Shuifa group to intuitively feel and understand the development process and business field of SDG. At the meeting, Mr. Yang Qingyun, chairman and general manager of Shuifa Construction International Co., Ltd., extended a warm welcome to all the guests and introduced the company's development history and development orientation.
Under the framework of the cooperation agreement signed by the two sides, priority will be given to the promotion of Moroccan highway projects, University Town projects, water supply and sewage treatment, hydropower stations and other projects, so as to share all kinds of Moroccan resources.
The visit of the delegation deepened mutual understanding, and the establishment of the cooperation agreement between the two sides marked the full opening of Morocco's market development.




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