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China-AfricaCcpit Trade Promotion Organization and China-aAfrica Friendship Foundation visited Shuifa Construction International Oversea Co., LtdCorporationy


The morning of May 21, the representatives of China-Africa Trade Promotion Organization and China-Africa Friendship Foundation visited Shuifa Construction Oversea Co., Ltd.
During the meeting, Yang Qingyun, general manager of ?Shuifa Construction Oversea Co., Ltd. expressed gratitude for a long time and support provided by other two parties and introduced the group activities which involved three main business of Water environment, Modern agriculture, Culture tourism through which to buid "3 + 2 + N" industrial system, including three provincial industry platform of water, agriculture, environmental protection and one clean energy industry cluster, one people's livelihood service industry cluster, three listed companies.Moreover,he presented the achievement and developement of ?Shuifa Construction Oversea Co., Ltd.. He also hoped that with the support and help of two parties, the company will achieve greater development in the African market.
The visitors highly recognized and appreciated the achievements, they were suprised for this rapid development ?with remarkable achievements in such short time which could creat a development model of international business. They praised especially the company 1 + 4 strategic that oriented accurately, clear development ideas, active team by which ensured the following cooperation. In addition, the visitors introduced oneself respectively.
The parties disscussed different topics about China-Africa international Marine economy city, China-Afric central park construction, cross-border electric business, the financial fund cooperation. and defined the goals and plans for further work




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