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President of the romanian association of building contractors and representatives of the Iridix group visited the Shuifa construction group


On 10 December, Mr. PLOSCEANU, Chairman of the Romanian Construction Contracting Association, Mr. FEODOROV, General Manager of the Romanian Iridix Group visited Shuifa Construction Group with other two representatives. A meeting was organized in which attended the Chairman of Shuifa Construction Group, Mr. Jia Baoli and relevant personnels of Shuifa International Construction Company.
At the meeting, Mr. Jia Baoli first expressed a warm welcome to the visiting guests on behalf of Shuifa Group and Shuifa Construction Group, and briefed the development of the company. He said that Shuifa Construction Group actively responded to the chinese national "Belt and Road" policy, in line with the spirit of "good as water, development benefits the people ," and combined with the needs of the enterprise's own development, to increase the pace of" going out ", actively open up and deep ploughing the international market. Their cooperation is not only an opportunity for Shuifa Group to enter the European market, but also a challenge to the implementation of European standards. He hopes that through this meeting, the company could continuously open up a new situation of "going out" and set sail to strengthen cooperation, complement each other's advantageswin results.
Mr. PLOSCEANU thanked General Manager Jia Baoli for his welcome and introduction. He stressed that the cooperation is the first substantive cooperation since the strategic partnership was reached in 2017 , and looked forward to deepening industrial union, enhancing practical cooperation and promoting a new era in bilateral relations based on the principle of mutual benefit and equal treatment.
Then Mr. FEODOROV introduced the Iridex Group and the Romanian market respectively, focusing on the current project planning and current status of the Romanian Government, and exchanged in-depth views on the feasibility of the project.
The next day, the delegation went to the Weifang section of the Yellow Water transfer project built by Shuifa group for a site visit of water plant and pumping station. Through on-site inspection and patient explanation of the staff, the delegation has a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of our company's professional ability, production capacity and management ability, and has given a high degree of evaluation and full affirmation to our company's comprehensive strength, which has then provided practical guarantee for enhancing bilateral cooperation and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.
The delegation's visit deepened mutual understanding, and the two sides expressed a good willingness to cooperate, laying a solid premise and foundation for future cooperation.


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