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SDWP won the honorary title of "municipal excellent water conservancy enterprise"in jining city in 2019


On the morning of October 16th, the excellent enterprises of Jining City Water Conservancy Engineering Association, the thesis award conference and the lecture on people-oriented financial management and economic growth were held in Jingwei Building. The meeting was attended by the leaders of Jining City Urban and Rural Water Bureau and representatives of more than 40 member units of Jining City Water Conservancy Engineering Association. The Congress announced the outstanding enterprises of Jining City, the list of papers, The SDWP won the "excellent Water Conservancy Enterprises in the City" in 2019.

At the meeting, Jia Baoli, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and general manager of SDWP, made a concluding speech as the director of Jining City Water Conservancy Engineering Association, and put forward three suggestions on the next work of the association and member units: recognizing the current situation, seizing the opportunity to start a business; standardizing internal management and providing quality service for the industry; and we must strive for the truth and create a new situation in the work of the association.

In recent years, our company actively participates in the reform and transformation of the enterprise, actively adapts to the new normal state of the economic development, continuously deepen the reform, adhere to the innovation drive, respond to the national "One Belt and One Road" initiative, take the market demand as the guide, take the brand construction as the pursuit, strengthen the self-building, The company is committed to providing high-end and specialized high-quality fine quality engineering for the owner and for the society, and the enterprise has maintained the sound momentum of stable and healthy development. This time, the title of the "Excellent water conservancy enterprise in the whole city" has been won, and the brand image of the "SDWP" is better established.


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